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barcelona accommodation

The best choice for Barcelona accommodation

I love Spain due to its climate, gastronomy, culture, cities and of course, its beaches.

In my opinion, one of the Spanish cities which can provide what I like more of Spain is Barcelona.

Barcelona is one of these cities which won’t feel indifferent once you have visited it. The entire city itself is plenty of history. That’s why apart of its important museums, tours are organised to explain in situ all the crucial events occured in the city.

Apart from that, Barcelona stands out for its musical and culture events during all year.

But, what i like the most is feeling as at home, relaxing laying on the beach and later take a snack in a terrace while I enjoy the good weather!

That’s why, because i feel so relax and comfortable in Barcelona, I like to stay in one of Barcelona apartments instead of hotels.

Last time I went to Barcelona, I rented an apartment in Barcelona through Come2bcn website and I felt lucky to booked my accommodation through them! Not only because I took profit of an incredible offer, but also the apartment was situated in my favourite neighbourhood, in Born, and it was fully equipped! It had so much facilities I feel as at home while I was enjoying my time in Barcelona. So staying in this apartment make even better my experience in Barcelona.

Actually the last experience in Barcelona was so good that after returning my real home, I am only thinking of going back to Barcelona very soon! Definitely I will rent an apartment in barcelona again for my stay and surely I will book again through Come2bcn website!

Originally posted 2008-07-28 11:50:03.